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Check out our performance fromthe 2020 D
Check out our performance fromthe 2020 D



Tiny tots dance classes are for ages 2-3. In this 30 minute class, children are introduced to a class room setting without a parent being with them. This is a great time for them to work on listening, following directions, as well as interacting with other children their age. Dance is explored through imaginative and creative movement to keep their interest, while also working on basic dance skills to prepare them to move onto the next level.

Check out our performance fromthe 2020 D


Combo classes are designed for an hour long class that touches on ballet, tap, and jazz basics along with some creative movement. We have combo classes for 3-4 year olds, and 5-7 year olds. This is a great class for children to learn basic dance technique, while exploring different genres. Combo classes perform 2 routines in our annual recital (tap/ballet, or tap/jazz).

Check out our performance fromthe 2020 D


This class is designed to train dancers in flexibility and dance technique. Dancers work on leg extensions, splits, leaps, turns, jumps, and even proper placement of the feet. Each week's class will change based on the progress of the class, and the class needs as a whole. This is also a great class for other athletes who may be looking to supplement their training including cheerleaders, gymnasts, baton twirlers, and ice skaters. Let us know what your goals are, and we will find the right class for you!

Check out our performance fromthe 2020 D


Jazz dance is typically done with high energy music. In this class, students will work on technique including turns, leaps, and jumps as well as choreography that encompasses the technique learned.

Check out our performance fromthe 2020 D

Contemporary dance has grown recently in popularity. It combines the strong but controlled technique of ballet with modern movements. Contemporary combines sharp and soft movements, floor work, and the artistry of interpreting music into beautiful movement. Dances who wish to train in contemporary or lyrical with us are also STRONGLY encouraged to train in ballet. You will get the most of your time in class with the proper knowledge of the steps that you are asked to execute, and to ensure you are executing them properly. Dancers who do not enroll in ballet, may find it harder to keep up in class, as basic knowledge is needed. 


Check out our performance fromthe 2020 D

A classical dance form in which students work on technique, precision, and grace. Classes include barre work, work in centre, and across the floor. Ballet is highly recommended for ALL dancers, as it is the essential foundation for numerous genres. Dancers who wish to take class in jazz and contemporary and STRONGLY encouraged to take ballet, as you will get the most out of your training with the proper technical knowledge.


Check out our performance fromthe 2020 D


A form of dance that dancers use their shoes to make percussive rhythms on the floor. Tap dance is a wonderful way for students to work on balance, rhythm, and musicality. Tap is truly an art form that one carries throughout their entire life. From tapping under desks at school, to tapping down the grocery aisle, to taking tap as a senior citizen, tap dance is truly something special for students to carry with them everywhere!

Check out our performance fromthe 2020 D


Acro dance combines classical dance technique with acrobatic elements. In this class, dancers work on flexibility, contortion, tumbling, and team work to use for lifts.

Check out our performance fromthe 2020 D


In this high energy class, we incorporate the latest dance trends and popular hip hop music.  Dancers work on their hip hop performance showmanship, precision, sharpness, and energy while executing choreography.

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